2015 Class Project

The class of 2015 undertook an ambitious fundraiser for the benefit of the Bobby Lanier Farm Park.  Nearly $10,000 was raised and contributed for the Welcome Cottage remodel.  The "Party at the Farm Park" consisted of local artisans showcasing art, musicians competing in a battle-of-the-bands, arts and crafts for children, food trucks, local beer options, and a variety of other showcases, e.g. Allen Underwood's World Famous Bug Collection, the Alzheimer's Foundation Lego Pit, and The Amazing Bo Adams' abstract art. 


BankTennesse was the title sponsor.

 Cottage roof being replaced at Bobby Lanier Farm Park
The cottage getting a new roof.


Ribbon Cutting at Cottage at Bobby Lanier Farm Park

The ribbon cutting at the updated cottage at the Bobby Lanier Farm Park.